PO Box 101648 Kampala Dr Lukwiya Road Kampala

Mission & Vision


“To create a thriving and dignified life for elderly individuals in Uganda without access to pension, empowering them to lead fulfilling and independent lives.”


“Our foundation is committed to providing comprehensive support and sustainable solutions to elderly individuals in Uganda who lack access to pension. Through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and innovative programs, we aim to improve their well-being, health care, financial security, and social inclusion.”


The Foundation Objectives

Financial Assistance: Provide direct financial support to eligible elderly individuals, enabling them to meet their basic needs such as food, housing, and healthcare.

Health care Access: Facilitate access to quality health care services for the elderly through partnerships with medical providers and the establishment of mobile clinics in underserved areas.

Skill Development: Empower the elderly with skills and training in income-generating activities, vocational training, and entrepreneurship to foster self-sufficiency and independence.

Advocacy and Policy Influence: Advocate for improved social safety nets and pension systems for the elderly in Uganda, engaging with policymakers to influence positive change.

Intergenerational Programs: Create initiatives that promote understanding and support between different age groups, fostering a sense of community and unity.

Community Engagement: Collaborate with local communities, leaders, and NGOs to identify the specific needs of the elderly and design culturally appropriate solutions.

Awareness and Education: Raise awareness about the challenges faced by elderly individuals without pensions in Uganda, educating the public and fostering empathy and support.

Sustainable Development: Implement environmentally sustainable practices in all foundation activities to ensure a positive impact on both the elderly and the environment.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Establish a robust monitoring and evaluation system to measure the effectiveness and impact of our programs, enabling data-driven improvements.

Financial Sustainability:: Develop diversified fundraising strategies, engage in income-generating activities, and create partnerships to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the foundation.

By aligning our vision, mission, and objectives with the current economic trends in Uganda, we can maximize our impact and make a significant difference in the lives of elderly individuals who deserve our support and care.